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Artist Bio

E.J. Clifford
Sunrise Gallery
“Photography is a moment in time that is seen through the eye but touches the heart.” 

 I have always had an interest in Art, wanting more than anything to be able to paint, to share the light, texture and beauty that I saw each day.  Unfortunately I have an “Artist Eye, but a kindergarten hand” and had been asked not to return to the art class I was taking.  I felt my dreams shatter around me; I was devastated there was no way to share what I saw with anyone now.

 Art to me has no language you see…. nor race…. nor boundaries…. it can touch each and every person around the world.  It can show them the beauty around us… the beauty we sometimes see each and every day but can miss, because of the fast pace world we live in…. or that we see and take for granted.  Art is a teacher as well; it can educate us to the different cultures, customs, cities, landscape and creatures of each nation, or even to the plight of that nation.  

My dreams of sharing finally returned to me through the Art of Photography.   I taught myself to use a film camera by the “learn by your mistakes method", (which was very, very expensive). I've never been able to take a photography classes.  Reading every book the library had available on Photography and the Internet were the only resource available.

Then five years ago the digital world open up for me with the purchase of my very first digital camera. I was in love again; I could take hundreds of photo at a time.  I could see them when they were taken.  I could make sure the light, focus and composition was correct, or I could keep shooting until I was happy with the end results or ran out of light. 

Digital technology is a whole new world for the photographers. With computers, digital cameras, software and printers I can do my own corrections and printing now.  I can even create “Digital Art” doing things with photographs that could not have been done with film, even in the best of Photo Labs.  I started showing my work at local Craft and Fine Art Shows in May of 2006.  I took Third Place (out of 7 photographers) in Photography at the Tawas Fine Art Fair in Aug of 2006 and First Place at the Creative Eye Exhibit in Feb 2007. 

I take my camera were ever I go, you never know what can be around the bend in the road or just ahead on the trail, it’s an adventure that I never get tired of.  Being retired and traveling the United States, Alaska and Canada gives me ample opportunity to fill my photographic requirements.

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